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We have various sites available for media buyers who require an unmatched reach to the LSM 1- 8 group. Have a look at our sites and the kind of exposure they can offer your brand.  



Klipspruit & Sofasonke

This 6m x 30m site is located at the corner of Klipspruit Valley and Sofasonke in Soweto. It's less than 200m away from the famous Vilakazi street where there's an array of recreational restaurants. The site is also less than 100m away from Maponya Motors Soweto which houses a car dealership, a BP filling station, Avis Rental and Tiger wheel.


Maponya Mall Glass Wrap Entrance

This 4m x 30m site is located at Maponya Mall, voted the most visited Mall in Gauteng 2020,  and boasts an incredible amount of exposure for your brand. The mall is visited by LSM groups 1-10 and is the most used entrance at Maponya Mall.

Maponya Glass Site.png
Maponya External Digital.png


Maponya Mall External Digital Screen

Located at the  busiest vehicle entrance of Maponya Mall, this 3m x 6m site is seen by every vehicle that enters Maponya Mall and avails the opportunity to captivate your audiance through animated adverts.


This 11m x 28.5m site is seen by every vehicle that uses Chris Hani road, which is the main road in Soweto. 

Virgin Active.png

Virgin Active Contravision

Virgin Active.png
Maponya Taxi Rank.png


Maponya Mall Taxi Rank

This Taxi rank package comes with a 5m x 30m billboard that spans the top of the taxi rank as well as 6 2,5m x 5,5m lightboxes that complement the Large static on top. These 6 slots are brilliant at demonstrating the breadth of a company's offerings in a creative way. Not to mention the fact that they have longer dwell times due to the fact that they are passenger loading bays.

06, 07 & 08

PAN Africa Mall view

Easily the biggest site at Pan Africa Taxi Rank this site is directly opposite the main entrance of the Pan Africa shopping mall. Definitely a site that should be part of anyone’s holding. It dominates the area and is easily noticed by passers by. The first of two bridges at the rank when coming from Johannesburg CBD, Kew and Orange Grove is also seen in this picture. It’s very visible and has a long run up for maximum exposure and great visibility.

Pan Africa 4.png

Alex View Bridge

Pan Africa 2.png


Sandton View

Pan Africa 1.png

This 50m x 20m site is facing Pretoria road where you can also see the Micheal Angelo Hotel. It is a monstrous site that boasts visibility from kilometers away. 


This is the second of the two bridges at the rank coming from Johannesburg CBD, Kew and Orange Grove. It’s very visible and has a long run up for maximum exposure and great visibility.

Mountain View.png


Mountain View

This 40m x 10m site is located at the apex of Ellias Motswaledi road and also close to the Ekwezi train station. It's 3.9km away from Dobsinville mall, 4.7km away from Jabulani Mall and Bheki Mlangeni Hospital. This structure can be seen from a good distance away. The route is also 4.7km away from Tshepo Themba Private hospital whihch eludes to the amount of traffic exposure your brand will get when occupying this space.


Located at the Maponya Mall entrance, which is the busiest entrance of the mall due to the taxi drop-off and

pick up for visitors coming to and leaving the mall. This intersection is one of the busiest on Chris Hani Road. This site is 170m away from Liquor City, Kenny’s Bricks and Sportron. 2.4km away from Thokoza Park in Rockville, which is one of the most visited parks in Soweto.

Virgin Maponya

Virgin Maponya.png

This 40m x 10m site is facing Chris Hani Road. It is easily spotted by drivers, passengers, commuters, and pedestrians.

Chris Hani Road


Chris Hani Rd.png
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