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Our Catalogs

Below is a list of our catalogs and rate cards. They include our prices and examples of previously done work. Please browse through the relevant catalogs and place an order with us through email or use the chat function on the bottom right. 

Cover Art-Nalesa Media-TShirts_0.33x.png

T-Shirt Catalog

Our collection of T-shirts, Golf shirts, and Formal shirts is just a click away.

Cover Art-Nalesa Media-Caps.png

Headwear Catalog

Summer & Winter headwear to use for your team or promotional material.

Cover Art-Nalesa Media-Jackets_0.5x.png

Jackets Catalog

Our branded Jackets will keep you warm in the winter and looking cool in summer.

Cover Art-Nalesa Media-Marketing Collateral.png

Branding Catalog

Gazeboz, Pull-up banners, Media Walls, Flags, tablecloths, Garden Umbrellas & more.

Cover Art-Nalesa Media-OOH.png

Out Of Home Rate Card

Large Format Billboards, In-Mall Advertising, Wall murals, and Digital Screens.

Cover Art-Nalesa Media-Notebooks.png

Notebook Catalog

Our variety of notebooks are suitable for promotional use, daily office use & for gifting 

Get a Quote

We know how overwhelming our range of catalogues can get, so feel free to take a short-cut and send us a direct enquiry for what you're looking for. As extensive as they are, they are just a list of some of the more popular requests we've received. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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